Our Panel Doctors


Dr. Dinesh Kumar Tyagi

General Physician & Diabetes

Dr. Prem Lochan Prashad


Dr. Shivangi Tomar


Dr. Ankur Gaur


Dr. Rajan Jaiswal

General Physician & Diabetes

Dr. Preksha


Dr. Manish Raj

General Physician & Diabetes

Dr. Shikha Dikshit


Dr. Alok banerjee

General Physician & Diabetes

Dr. A.K. Singh


Dr. Deepali Jain


Dr. Ramani Ranjan


Dr. Krishna Kumar Tripathi

General Physician & Diabetes

Dr. Neeraj Kumar Tanwar

General Physician & Diabetes

Dr. A K Pandey


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Choose your preferred slot and the doctor
Customer care will call you to understand your needs and confirm the appointment
Our Paramedic will come to your place with the device and start the session with the doctor
Doctor will see your Live Body Data remotely and give prescription, and we will help you with testing and medicine

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Service fee(s)-

We have two types of services. You can choose either of them

a) Bike (Easy & faster means to reach you) - 499/-

b) Van (Clinical experience in a van, which comes to your home) - 699/-

Paramedic at Home

Our Testimonials

For a senior citizen like me it is always a challenge to travel to a clinic. With this service now I can consult the doctor and get diagnosed with much more confidence. It will be matter of convenience without compromising on the quality.

By Indu Sinha, Greater Noida:

A service like this will not only work for patients but for Doctors like me, it gives us the right facilities to diagnose a patient better. Especially if the patient is unable to reach us in person. This will bring back the family doctor culture. My best wishes to the Dr.AtHome team for their innovation for the mankind.

By Dr. Raman Kumar

After getting to know their concept I have a feeling that, this concept will be a game changer in the digital transformation of healthcare. By mastering new age digital devices and the traditional nursing techniques, caregivers can broaden their horizons and will make them for new opportunities.

By Dr. Vamsee Krishna